Raise your hand if you’ve had the “I should start my own business” twitch this year?

There’s a reason – whether you choose to believe it or not – but the planets and the universe are pushing you because the opportunities to act are finally aligned with the ability to act!  No really – Uranus is in Taurus, no more starting-and-stopping things; those daydreams of making your aspirations a reality…guess what? It’s GO time! 

Now – let’s get our head out of the stars for a quick second.  Yes – we finally have universal energies aligned and telling us to go-go-go! But that doesn’t necessarily mean you should quit your job and dive into the ocean.  Now is the time to START making that dream a reality.  It may be as simple as registering your name with your State and buying the matching domain name.  Maybe you want to make business cards.  Maybe you have your marketing plan in your head and you just need a printer and a Facebook page! Maybe you are ready to launch your side hustle as a full-time hustle and you can dive in; it doesn’t matter what phase you’re in, what matters is that you act.

Do SOMETHING today to secure what you want to do TOMORROW.

Where to start? I have a checklist on my Clarity Resources page that gives you a great idea of things to do and/or think about when starting a new business of any kind.  Generally speaking, I highly encourage the search for a business name (registered in your local state) and the domain name purchase go hand-in-hand.  AmandaMakesCakes sounds great on paper but if AmandaMakesCakes.com is taken, and your only choice is AmandaMakesCakes123B5.biz… Well, you get the picture.

You may need time to launch your business. You may consider doing a soft launch before you do a hard launch.  You may need years before you can take your side hustle and turn it into your full-time Passion Career.  You may need six months before you even nail your first client.  That’s ok.  Well, maybe ok. ? What’s important is that NOW is the time to start your business, start your book, start your studies, start making your dreams a reality.

I was gifted a couple great books in the last couple months that I would like to recommend.  Sarah Turner, of Writing Your Way to Freedom sent me The Slight Edge by Jeff Olson and it is transformative.  Jeff’s insight and wisdom, and honesty about his successes AND failures is a must-read for any entrepreneur.  We all started out as a penny.  Remember that phrase; it’s an invaluable nugget of wisdom as you embark on any kind of a venture, whether it be personal or business.

The next book that, for lack of a better explanation, was gifted to me by the universe, is Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert.  It’s as though you’re having coffee with a best-selling author who is your new BFF and she’s telling you how everything is intertwined, and energy comes and goes.  I loved it and devoured it in just a few days’ time.  I say it came from the universe because I had never heard the book and while I know the movie Eat, Pray, Love is based on a book, I wouldn’t have been able to tell you the author as I hadn’t read anything else by her.  But one day, a couple months ago, I was on my Amazon account and this book was in my cart for purchase.  Not a recommended item but IN MY CART.  I’ll be honest – I bought it because the cover reminded me of my Clarity logo and I love to read so I figured, what the hell. AMAZING.  Read it!

It’s daunting, I know.  Especially as you go through my checklist.  That’s why I tell people to at least register their business name and domain.  Then breathe.  Rest. Plan.  But for god’s sake, reserve the name and domain so no one else takes it while you’re breathing and planning!  I can help you every step of the way.   Whether it’s doing the research on registered business names and domains, going through the paperwork and process of business registration, vendor’s licenses and other regulatory agencies, I’m here for you and happily ready to assist.  We can also work together to build your business plan, break-even point, pricing issues, opening your business checking account, keeping accurate records, social media development and other marketing plans.

I would love nothing more than to help you harness the energy going around the universe right now and help you bring your dreams to life.

Call or text me at 330-461-9966 or drop me a line at amanda-clarityservices@outlook.com to take your first step to a new reality.

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