Essential oils have a history going back thousands of years, providing homeopathic (natural) benefits to users ranging from cosmetic, digestive and dietary, and spiritual and religious uses.  I myself have used essential oils for the health of my family, aromatherapy and to treat various health ailments such as headaches, sinus pain and congestion for years.  I've used various lines but have found that Young Living offers premium oils made of high-grade sources with excellent effect on my family and me.

I became an ambassador for Young Living oils and related products in 2019 and love educating others as to their expansive usefulness in health, beauty and household efforts.  I regularly use the entire Thieves line (health, cleaning, mints and lozenges especially), and Deep Relief and Stress Relief is a must for anyone who suffers from aches and pains or need help quieting their anxiety.  Below is the link to my site, but please reach out to me to learn more about their products and to discuss that which is ailing you, and I can guide you to the best course of action to treat and relieve your symptoms.