Our Approach

Your Success is Our Success. When I imagined my Clarity logo, I knew that I was a tree, much like the mighty Oak Tree or Taurus that rules my midheaven on my natal astrological chart. There isn’t just one path for me, nor is there just one for you. Whether it’s serving as a Life Coach to help you determine a new path or branch for tree, helping you refine and publish that story that’s always swum around in your head or helping you heal yourself through Reiki, sexual freedom and pampering sources from Pure Romance or utilizing high quality essential oils from Young Living, I aim to be a source to help YOU on your Journey.

My Story

I’ve had three consistent passions in life since I was a teenager: Reading/Writing, Accounting and Advising.  I started taking Accounting classes in high school while simultaneously maintaining the books for one of our family businesses.  As a child, my television access was quite restricted, so my passion for reading anything and everything started at an early age and has developed into my hosting several blogs, self-publishing a pregnancy / motherhood survival guide and providing editing services to my fellow writers.

I’ve always had an inherent ability to read and advise people in many of life’s phases.  Not everyone can afford continuous psycho-therapy but sometimes you just need a few conversations and a new direction to reset your path in life and surround yourself with light.  I feel it is an honor when people entrust me with their struggles and I celebrate along side them when they find their strength and happiness.

Nice To Meet You

In case we haven’t met in person yet, let me introduce myself. I am Amanda Berkeley, Owner of Clarity Service Solutions.  I was born and raised in Canton, Ohio and have been working in Accounting since I was in high school.  A graduate of The College of Wooster (B.A. Business Economics), Kent State University (M.S. in Accountancy) and University of Maryland University College (M.B.A.), I have a firm foundation of both education and 20+ years’ Accounting experience to lend to your small business formation and bookkeeping endeavors.  I have self-published on Amazon and have provided editorial services over the years both in corporate roles I’ve held as well as colleagues’ novels, websites and articles.  I also recently earned a Certificate in Editing from The American Copy Editors Society. I am honored to work with you in all aspects of your life, whether it be in a bookkeeping aspect, writing your next masterpiece or applying my metaphysical studies to helping you step back on your path to happiness.

Amanda Berkeley