Life Coach

Sometimes life gets off course - and some times we feel stranded at sea.  We can help you find your way again and strive for greatness.

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Young Living Essential Oils

Essential oils and related products to support, nurture and heal the senses.

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Improve your overall energy and well-being, and find Clarity within as we work together to align your seven chakras and bring you inner peace and tranquility.

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Whether it's a novel, a short story, a blog article or an entire website that needs proofread and edited for content accuracy, completeness and flow, we can provide a wide array of copyediting services for you.

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Pure Romance

Empowerment, Education & Entertainment for Women - bedroom, bath and beauty products.

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Small Biz

Launching your own business can be stressful, not to mention overwhelming.  We can help you every step of the way.

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Since 2010

Our Purpose

We know that starting your own business is scary.  Writing a short story or novel is painstaking and subject to criticism. Making the decision to change jobs or careers is daunting.  Finding inner peace can sometimes feel impossible.

Clarity Service Solutions is here to help.  We can help you launch your small business. We can be there to help you sort out the what-ifs of life. Need clarity on what direction you should take next? Feeling like you just need a neutral ear to hear it all and help you make sense of it? We can listen and provide support and guidance to finding that inner peace you desire.  Writing is your passion but editing may not be. You should write without fear, but we will edit without mercy.  We will transform your work into a publishable masterpiece.

Life is not easy - the challenges seem to multiply daily while resolutions may elude us.  Sometimes it just takes an independent ear to help you evaluate, heal, re-prioritize and start enjoying life again.

Clarity Service Solutions - Bringing Balance to Your Business & Your Life.


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